Yes, 2020 was the year of binge-watching but did it ever really go away?

With all of the different streaming services out there, there is a never-ending list of shows to start watching.

If you don’t know where to start, thankfully these services give us their top shows according to their viewers.

Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash
Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

Netflix is one of the largest streaming services out there.

Whether it’s a new show or an old one, they are home to some of the biggest shows to air and some of them are actually Netflix-owned.

One of my favorites from Netflix is “Black Mirror”. It has a futuristic "Twilight Zone" feel to it and I’m a big fan of "Twilight Zone."

Other big shows on the list for Netflix are/were:

“The Crown”

“Squid Game”

“Orange Is the New Black”



“Cobra Kai” (Although the first two seasons were released on YouTube Premium, the show didn’t make it “big” until it hit Netflix)

Now that the year is over, released a map of the most popular Netflix shows per state streamed this year.

I am shocked that “Stranger Things 4” didn’t make any state’s top show because it was released this year and, in my opinion, it’s the best season.

But I had no doubt that “Wednesday” would make the list.

Other shows that were very popular this year were “Peaky Blinders,” which was the most popular show in 14 states and “Better Call Saul,” which was the most streamed in 11 states.

What was the most popular Netflix show in New Jersey? We clearly love a good crime series because “The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is our favorite.

Is anyone actually surprised about this?

You can check out the full map HERE.

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