Last week, the Mayor of Newark actually said at a rally of the Urban Mayor's association, "The Police Department in Newark will not be cooperating with ICE anyone who sees a police officer cooperating with ICE they should report that immediately."

Over the top even for a left-wing progressive like Baraka. This potentially jeopardizes the safety of our police officers and puts members of the public in a potentially antagonistic role with the cops. Add to this the outrageous directive from AG Gurbir Grewal who is coming down on two county sheriff's with the guts to stand up to him.

Former FBI Special Agent Jonathan Gilliam talked about the conflict and how the AG and the Mayor are compromising public safety for their own political agenda.


It's all about politics for Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. His hatred of Donald Trump and willingness to use his elected position to push his personal agenda has hit a new low.

Now he's vowing to defy the federal government, specifically Immigration and Customs enforcement. These heroes who are tasked with making sure people who are in our nation, using our infrastructure, benefiting from tax dollars and enjoying the freedom and prosperity that comes with being an American, are here legally.

Despite the hype about Newark, it's dangerous. More dangerous in fact than 86% of all the cities in America. The violent crime rate is still nearly four times as high as the rest of the state. But the Mayor, wants to focus on fighting the federal government instead of helping ICE agents root out even more violent criminals.

There are thousands of criminal aliens among the illegal population. Thankfully with the help of ICE, the numbers are dropping. Defying the federal government is nothing short of being complicit with criminals. This is an affront to legal citizens and a compromise of public safety.

Hopefully the FBI is going to keep an eye on Baraka and AG Grewal who got this whole thing started with his irresponsible directive forcing NJ law enforcement to cease cooperating with ICE. Taxpaying, law-abiding citizens deserve better than a Mayor and AG who have the backs of criminals over citizens.

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