Since the legalization of recreational marijuana after the November 2020 election, we’re starting to see where in New Jersey is more weed-friendly than others.

As more and more states are becoming willing to legalize pot, a study was performed recently by Insider Monkey to determine which cities across the U.S. have the highest consumption.

That’s right. “Highest” weed consumption… see what they did there?

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In order to come to their conclusion, they used the following methodology:

To collect data for this article, we have referred to the 2023 Cannabis Price Index by the CFAH. Then we referred to the U.S Census Bureau to find the current populations of the aforementioned cities, and eventually came up with our index of the U.S. Cities with the Highest Weed Consumption per Capita.

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To keep our list relevant, we have only included cities with populations of 45,000 and above. When two cities had the same consumption per capita, we ranked them by their total annual weed consumption.

Of the top 35 cities in the U.S. one New Jersey city made the list, but first, here were the top three in the entire country.

3️⃣ Manchester, NH with 31.27g weed consumption per capita

2️⃣ Huntington, WV with 34.9g weed consumption per capita

1️⃣ New Britain, CT with 38.98g weed consumption per capita

As for New Jersey: Newark, NJ ranked number 32 on Yahoo Finance’s list.

Newark, NJ (Townsquare Media)
Newark, NJ (Townsquare Media)

Per capita their weed consumption is at 2.95g, says Yahoo Finance. Newark consumes about 0.9% of the total weed consumption in the state, which is estimated at 282.6 metric tons per year, according to an article from

Approximately, one-third of NJ adults are consuming weed. So where can you get your fix legally should you want to partake?

See if there’s a location near you on this list:

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