OK, I love the winter: holidays, skiing, wood-burning stove, soups, it's all good.

And one of the reasons that we love New Jersey is that we get (most years) four seasons. So, we enjoy each one of them.

But I will admit, in the dead of winter, I started thinking about the beach.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Don't you agree that once the holidays are over, it's a countdown to summer? January is a blur, February is a short month, and March is the start of spring break and Easter. Before you know it, it's springtime and we're getting ready for Memorial Day.

Right now is the time for the shore towns to get their construction out of the way and get ready for the crowds.

For us, we like the South Jersey shore, probably the familiarity of having a house in Sea Isle City when we first got married and moved back to New Jersey.

Sea Isle City
Sea Isle City (Sea Isle City Beach Patrol)

On Wednesdays, the town also offers free access to the beach so we try our best to take advantage!

Let's not let this devolve into a discussion or argument over beach tags, I favor paid access, someone has to pay for the beach grooming, trash clean up, and lifeguards.

Why not the beachgoers so the burden isn't exclusively on the local taxpaying homeowners?

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