Bill Spadea believes in a "working newsroom." In a working newsroom, comes the nonstop decision of multitasking.

Whether he's on Twitter, keeping in touch with his colleagues, or fact-checking, Bill Spadea uses his phone relentlessly. It's become an extension of his arm - sort of like another appendage that can be heard pinging throughout the show.

Pretty much everyday, he asks his editor, Toniann Antonelli and his producer Double Down for a phone charger. They've come to expect it and usually have one ready to hand off when his phone is in danger of dying.

So that got us thinking...if Bill starts his day at NJ 101.5 at 6 a.m. (although he's likely scrolling through his texts, emails and social media hours before that), how long do listeners think he can actually go before he needs to charge his phone? Take our poll below and tell us what you think.

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