It’s been the law for years. Although police write hundreds of tickets for it every winter, drivers still don’t clear ice and snow off the roofs of their cars. Under 39:4-77.1, failure to do so can cost you up to $75.

One day last year, I found myself on Route 287 playing driver dodgeball several times with small sheets of ice flying off both cars and trucks. Mostly trucks.

Selfish NJ driver
Jeff Deminski photo

Then in Wayne I came across this guy. My initial thought was you have to be kidding me. As you can see from the pic taken at a red light, he not only didn’t clear the roof, he left only a small porthole to see behind him.

Come on folks, I know we all have too much to do and we’re all in a hurry, but you need to take the extra five minutes and clear that snow.

This post originally appeared in 2019 and has been updated for 2020.

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