Do you know what New Jersey's 'Move Over' law is all about? When you're approaching a police car, fire truck, ambulance or tow truck with their lights flashing on the side of a road, you are legally required to move over one lane if possible. If not possible, you're required to slow down within your own lane. It's what we should all be doing through common sense, so the law is a good one.

Yet according to a AAA study out earlier this year about 60% of law enforcement doesn't believe Garden State drivers are aware of the law. Sad since it's now in it's 9th year.

Maybe this will help folks remember it. Please share this story as much as possible to get the word out. Take a look at this video put out by Glen Rock PD through their Facebook page. It's exactly why you need to follow this law, not only for the safety of emergency workers but for your own safety as well.

In this case officers nor DOT workers got hurt. But in 2010, and this was after the 'Move Over' law was already in effect, tragedy struck in Howell, NJ. State Trooper Marc Castellano was struck and killed on the shoulder of 195 where he and other law enforcement were looking for a reported armed man near an abandoned car. The driver who hit him was estimated to be doing 70 to 75 MPH in a 65 zone. Marc Castellano was 29 years old and married with two children. Try to think about that next time you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road and feel annoyed by the 'Move Over' law. It's the law, and complying with it will only take about ten seconds out of your life. Compare that with taking the rest of Castellano's life away from his loved ones.

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