In New Jersey, the government likes to regulate damn near everything. Seat belts for dogs has even been a thing. You can't pump your own gas. You can't serve a croissant in a funeral home. In many towns you can't put so much as a pre-fab shed up without the town wanting to come out and inspect it. New AC system? Pull a permit with inspection to follow. Regulations up the proverbial wazoo. If you ever want to upgrade your wazoo, pull a permit with wazoo inspection to follow.

So imagine someone trying to do here what this guy in San Diego did. He built a backyard roller coaster for his toddlers. I don't mean he had it built for him by some professional company. I mean he literally designed it and built it himself with stuff you could find at a Lowe's or a Home Depot.

A. Roller. Coaster.

Imagine a New Jersey municipal building code inspector salivating over this. What a red tape wet dream a code enforcement officer would have with this one in a nanny state like New Jersey. Apparently in laid back California it wasn't too big of a deal. In fact this report by Fox affiliate KSWB-TV doesn't even mention any municipal permission or variances or permits or red tape that he had to go through. If someone in Jersey were to get away with this, the Jersey reporter's first question would have been, "How were you allowed to do this?"

What does this crazy backyard coaster look like? Well the little tots ride it by having a child car seat hooked to a wooden platform and the kid is then strapped in the car seat. Adults even ride it by removing the car seat and just cruising on the wood. Like I said, in Jersey? No way!

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