Adam Hochron brought us some exciting news with his piece on Hydrus, the new roller coaster that will be thrilling visitors of the Casino Pier at Seaside Heights this summer. With the finishing touches and test runs they're hoping to have this beast ready for action the first week of April. It took years of planning to get a new coaster in after the Jet Star was lost in Sandy. One of the most iconic images in the aftermath of Sandy was the Jet Star coaster standing out in the Atlantic Ocean almost stoically, as if to say in Jersey style, "Hey, dis ain't over!"

New Jersey Shore Still Heavily Damaged Months After Hurricane Sandy
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For those who miss the old Jet Star, I found something on YouTube from Theme Park Review that offers a front seat POV. And if you never rode the Jet Star, this is what it was like. An old, clanking mountain of metal that rose you up and up for the first drop with the mighty Atlantic coming into full view before it did its best to make you loose your boardwalk lunch. Enjoy!

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