I have to give credit where credit is due. Stacker came out with an amazing list of things that started the year you were born but went away and no longer exist. You know, like VHS tapes, 45 records, and so on.

Now whatever mad genius put this very-fun-to-scroll-through list together was so thorough it starts all the way back in the year 1918 and goes to 2017. So this is literally for anyone from 106 years old to seven years old. Pretty cool.

Of course, I looked mine up first. Then I went up and down looking for the birth years of people I know, and then finally checked out the whole thing since I was enjoying it so much.

It’s almost like a mini-time travel doing it in chronological order. And I love thinking about the little things that went away so quietly you’re not even sure when it happened.

Warped time / time travel

Example: those thin tubes in front of gas pumps your tires would roll over and make a bell ring inside the garage to let them know they had a customer.

Ever think about how you haven’t seen one in a very long time? Because very few places that sell gasoline also have a mechanics shop attached anymore.

So take a deep, fun dive into these things that came about the year people were born and have all now gone extinct. My selfish favorite is 1975.

The year 1975

I knew a guy who spent huge money putting together an enormous library of popular movies on these only to have it blow up in his face when it went away


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