Nov. 18 is known as "Mickey Mouse Day" on the National calendar because that's the day the famous rodent made his first public appearance in the "Steamboat Willie" short film. Happy birthday Mickey!

Merriam-Webster defines one term of "Mickey Mouse" as meaning "too easy, small, ineffective, or unimportant to be taken seriously."

An example of this would be when hockey great Wayne Gretzky referred to the New Jersey Devils as a "Mickey Mouse organization" way back on Nov. 19, 1983. See the story on Keeping with the Mickey Mouse theme, I asked what else in New Jersey we consider Mickey Mouse. Here's what you came up with, from my Facebook page and Twitter account.

Brian Brown: "The government."

Frank Ralston: "Governor Murphy."

Dan Meade: "Not being able to pump your own gas."

Bob O'Brien: "Jughandles."

Brian Sexton: "The New York Giants' offensive line."

Chris Smith: "Have to pay to get on to the beach!"

Budda Von: "Toll baskets."

Paul Liberatori: "The podunk police who hide along Rt. 30 to invent crime."

Nancy Fecca: "My fingernails!"

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