When it comes to obvious observations that just don't add up, we could revisit the old classics like the Taylor Ham and pork roll debate. It does say "pork roll" on the Taylor Ham package. I never did understand why people get exercised about the "debate."

The very current mystery is why the voters of New Jersey would re-elect Phil Murphy as governor. As of this writing, the final outcome is still not official, but it looks likely.

Why would people re-elect a guy who put senior citizens who tested COVID positive early in the pandemic back into nursing homes instead of hospitals? My 89-year-old mother was one of them. She lived. Over 8,000 died.

Nobody noticed? He took total control of state government while forcing businesses to close, students to stay home from school and made people wear masks in buildings they had been working in maskless for first six months of the pandemic.

New Jersey people are usually great at detecting and have no tolerance for phonies. You can see that Murphy is and you can feel it and hear it in his every word. He kept restaurants and theatres closed or restricted foregoing any personal freedoms or civil rights.

It looks like he'll get a second term. He's eager to get little kids vaccinated for a virus they're not in grave danger from and there are parents lining up to give them the shot, not knowing exactly what the long-term effects might be. It makes NO sense, but pandemic compliance seems to have morphed into a religion.

Here's a comedic take on the whole thing.

If the vaccine mandate goes into effect on Jan. 4 as proposed, unvaccinated people (if allowed to keep their jobs) will have to get tested weekly to go into work to protect their vaccinated co-workers from getting a virus that they were vaccinated for.

Let's repeat that.

Unvaccinated people will have to get tested to see if they test "positive" for COVID to ensure the safety of people who have already been vaccinated against said virus. That makes sense to you?!?!

You can still see people driving alone in a car or walking down the street solo wearing masks. Of course, there are countless people in stores still wearing them even though it's only "recommended." But the image that should be the official logo of how things just don't make sense around here anymore, is a label I saw last week.

I was in hotel elevator in New Jersey that was maybe 6 feet deep. The all too familiar sticker in the middle of the floor of the elevator said, "6 feet apart" with barely 2 feet on either side.

Six feet apart in tiny elevator
Dennis Malloy photo

That summed it up for me. Will someone please let me know when things start making sense again. Thanks!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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