We are nothing if not opinionated in the great Garden State. While there are timeless debates like “pork roll vs. Taylor ham” (it’s pork roll) or “does central Jersey exist?” (It does), thankfully there are some things we can agree on.

One New Jerseyan recently asked on the New Jersey subreddit what all New Jerseyans can unite in hating, you better believe they came up with some great answers.

I think we can all agree, these undeniably get on our nerves:

From Reddit user U/MrCoolsnail123

“People who make fun of New Jersey when they're from Ohio and Florida.”

People LOVE to smack talk New Jersey, but I dare someone from Florida to tell me where they can get a good slice of pizza or a bagel that doesn’t feel like it’s made of rubber.

SIphotography ThinkStock


“World Cup and media outlets saying New York is a World Cup host city when it’s actually East Rutherford.”

I’m not even a sports person and this bothers me. Why should New York get the credit for a team whose stadium is in OUR state?

Photo by Izaac Crayton on Unsplash
Photo by Izaac Crayton on Unsplash


“Hands down PA and NY drivers who sit in the left lane. Nothing else comes close.”

When you come up behind a car in the left lane going the speed limit (UGH) nothing is more surprising than seeing it’s an out of state driver.

angry driver
Vladimir Mucibabic ThinkStock


“It’s clearly pumping gas.”

While some of us wouldn’t mind the option to have our hand at the pump, it feels pretty nice on bad weather days to not have to get out of our cars.

Natnan Srisuwan
Natnan Srisuwan


“When people in NY talk about how Jersey is trashy but then show up every summer to the shore in droves.”

You outsiders mock our state all you want, but our shore tourism money speaks for itself.

By the way, watch the tram car please.

Wildwood sign (Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)
Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media


“People who feed seagulls”

Listen Bennys, we’re already unhappy that you’re invading our beaches, do us a favor and don’t feed the seagulls your French fries. You’re not amusing anyone, you’re just putting us at risk of being pooped on.

No thanks.

Seagull Attacks Being Reported From Coastal Towns This Summer
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And finally, U/Jagmeister_68

“Anyone who says ‘JOISEY’”

No one says “Joisey.” No one says “Joisey.” No one says “Joisey.” No one says “Joisey.” And I can’t express this to you enough… NO ONE says “Joisey.”


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