PENNSAUKEN – A mom was so thankful to a group of teens who saved her 9-year-old girl from an attack by a pit bull on Monday that she used social media to track them down.

Erika Rivera said that they were at Madison Park Monday afternoon when three young men came to the assistance of her daughter Toni.

“She had a gash on her right arm on her elbow…and her right forearm. Her back is all gnawed and scratched and has a couple of puncture wounds. Abrasions, a bite mark on her heart and one on her other side,” Rivera told News 12 New Jersey.

The group of teens met Toni at the park again on Thursday.

“They are my superheroes,” Rivera told CBS Philadelphia.

React to screams

The teens thought the girl was playing with the dog before hearing her screams and running over to help her.

The group used chairs and a trash can lid to get the dog off of Toni, Rivera told News 12 New Jersey.

Pennsauken police said the dog's owner has been charged and a judge will decide the fate of the dog.

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The Ultimate Guide to New Jersey Brewpubs

From the website that gave you the "Friendliest bars" and places to watch the game, comes the ultimate guide to New Jersey brewpubs.

So what's a "brew pub"?

According to Thompson Island's Article on the differences between a craft brewery, microbrewery, brewpub & gastropub, it says:
"A brewpub is a hybrid between a restaurant and a brewery. It sells at least 25% of its beer on-site in combination with significant food services. At a brewpub, the beer is primarily brewed for sale inside the restaurant or bar. Where it's legally allowed, brewpubs may sell beer to go or distribute it to some offsite destinations."

New Jersey has tons of Brewpubs, some of which have been around for years and some that have just opened in the past year.

Here is a full list of the 21 brewpubs in New Jersey according to New Jersey Craft Beer:

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