Once you start driving snow loses the appeal it had in childhood. Once you‘ve been driving a long time, or especially if you drive for a living, you downright hate it.

But with a major nor’easter having New Jersey in its jaws here’s a look at what can be a more beautiful, more fun side. First I’m going to give you two videos in slow-mo. Why slow-mo? Because these phones cost a lot of money and I can. Actually they just look cooler this way. And it’s probably the magical way children see this storm.

Here’s the look out my back window.

Now here’s my son Atticus taking a snow leap of faith, also in slow-mo, of course.

I dare you to watch that video and agree that snow days ought to be a thing of the past now that the pandemic perfected virtual learning.

My little 3 year old Cooper was loving it too. Here are some pics of the joy a snow day can bring to childhood.

My kids just LOVING a snow day!

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