A neighbor up my street got a cute little puppy a few months ago and they take good care of the dog with a grooming service. It’s a mobile service and I’ve seen the van in front of their house before from my window but it was too far away to read the sign. This week I was on my way to work and drove right past it. I loved their name and slogan so much it inspired an on-air topic.

Groomingdale’s (a parody of Bloomingdale’s of course).

But the slogan for a mobile pet grooming business was even better.

“Sit. Stay. We come to you.”


So we asked listeners what creative and clever business names or slogans they heard of. We loved the answers. Here’s a sampling.

In Wrightstown, NJ there’s a towing company named Hookers Towing.

There’s a waxing hair removal service that specializes in Brazilians in Watchung named The Pretty Kitty.

How about Peeping Tom’s Window Cleaning out of Woodbridge. The owner himself called in, and no his name isn’t Tom.

Curl Up and Dye is a hair salon on 22 in Greenbrook. Wasn’t that also the name of the hair salon in Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts?

A guy called in saying there’s a landscaping business in South Jersey named Two Men and a Hoe. I looked this up and all I could find was a landscaper in Somers Point called Three Men and a Hoe, LLC. Probably the same place and they just got an extra man. Still only one hoe.

Ryan called in to tell us he and his friend have a long term plan to open a German restaurant 30 years from now featuring brats and calling it A Turn For The Wurst. The bad news is another guy called in to say there’s already a restaurant in Riverside called Best Of The Wurst.

Slogans? How about a place where you can junk your car in Morrisville, PA called Junkyard Barbie and their slogan is “Junkyard Barbie wants you to stick your junk in her yard.”

Or a glass company called Absolute Glass whose slogan is “Show me your crack.”

Wait wait I have an idea for one! What if you had a radio station that talked about all Jersey stuff and the slogan started ‘Not New York, not Philadelphia...’?

Nah, that’ll never work.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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