We deal with a lot of stereotypes in the Garden State, especially here in South Jersey.

You know, we say "wooder" for water, the traffic sucks, taxes are sky-high, and the horrific question: "what exit?" (12, thank you). Not to mention that famous Jersey attitude we all display from time to time.

While many of those thoughts are accurate, some are not.

There's a lot of stuff around here that we look at as being normal while someone from, say, Kansas, who was dropped here would be totally confused about.

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I mean, for us, not being able to make a left turn at half of the red lights in the state is pretty common, but just imagine trying to explain a jughandle to someone from out of the area ("you have to be in the far right lane, go around half of a circle, go through a red light, maybe wait for opposing traffic to clear, and then you can make a left turn").

With that in mind, let's take a step back and look at some things that people who are not from around here might find strange.

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