Traveling south from New England, I left 287 south and got on 206 south toward Princeton.

In Hillsborough, instead of staying right to follow 206, as my wife Jodi recommended, I stayed left and took the brand new "206 bypass." What a disaster.

The brand new road that has been in the works for years is open, and for some reason it's a two-lane road. Yup. One slow lane on each side, plus traffic lights. The worst part is it only bypasses a small stretch of 206. My Waze arrival time went up five minutes as soon as I took the detour. What was the point of a bypass if it slows traffic down?!

So now, the local businesses on 206 will take a hit front he diverted traffic and the travelers will not gain anytime. Only in NJ.

Many of you know the 133 bypass that former Gov. Whitman orchestrated. I take it on the way to the Turnpike and I'm typically the only person on the road.

When will we elect political leaders that will take into account the miserable commute in Jersey and make it better?

When will we have political leaders who focus on solving problems instead of wasting millions on useless projects?

I want to get the unions back to work and support spending money on infrastructure. But let's do it smart and focus on the actual commuter and truck drivers who have to navigate through the maze of Jersey boondoggle projects.

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