It was a beautiful mistake. Beautiful. Many people are talking about it. Many people. It's big. Did we mention beautiful?

New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., a Democrat, took to Twitter to let the world know the White House sent out talking points meant for Republicans to a few people too many. Not only did Pascrell accidentally receive one, reports the two page document was also sent to Senate communications directors on both sides of the aisle. Whoops!

So what does a guy like Pascrell do when this shows up? He shares it on Twitter, of course.

It's a good read. Apparently the GOP is supposed to say things like there was no quid pro quo, even though already congressionally appropriated money to Ukraine was frozen by Trump just days before the phone call and the call started with him pointing out how very much the U.S. does for the Ukraine. Hmmm.

Rep. Pascrell calls these Republican talking points "Orwellian lies and toxic trash" and says a hazmat suit might be a good idea if you read them.

It's time for a third party, America. This two party thing is played out, don't you think?

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