At a raucous rally in Wildwood Tuesday night, President Donald J. Trump piled on the love for New Jersey higher than the corned beef on a Harold’s Reuben in Edison.

He mentioned Morristown, Paterson, Pennington, Clifton and Sea Isle just time name a few. He called New Jerseyans tough and smart. Said we were great people. Innovations like the diner, the boardwalk and motion pictures all got shoutouts.

Speaking of shoutouts, some famous New Jerseyans were brought up. Find out who in this video clip. Hint: it’s not Uncle Floyd.

So did he sum us up properly? I guess for a quick overview, but if Trump were writing New Jersey’s dating profile it could have been much more in depth.

“We enjoy long walks on the beach, because after having to pay ten dollars to step on it we’re getting our money’s worth.”

“We’re looking for a lasting relationship, out of state, where we can actually afford to live.”

And innovations? Hello! Pork roll egg and cheese? This is HIS kind of food! And bubble wrap? The bar code? Air conditioning? The cell phone? All invented here. The drive-in theater? The vacuum cleaner? New Jersey. Saltwater taffy? Okay we should let Delaware claim that one, but still, New Jersey.

Our famous people? He could have done a half hour on them. Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Chelsea Handler, George R. R. Martin, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Smith, Anne Hathaway, Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and so many more.

There’s still so much good to say about New Jersey. We have some of the finest schools in the nation, the beauty of all four seasons, and you don’t even have to pump your own gas. (I hear some people put that in the good column) Sure New Jersey has it’s problems, but it’s filled with the greatest people anywhere and there’s no place else like it.

We don’t need the president to tell us that.

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