If you've never been to the Wildwood boardwalk you may not understand the headline, so listen here quickly.

It's a four hour loop, so I don't recommend you stay on it long. President Trump will be holding a rally later this month in Wildwood. I find his rallies to be as annoying and repetitive as the tram car warnings, even though I think he's doing a great job. The rallies are somewhat childish and redundant, but a deep hard core of supporters just love them. The Wildwood Convention Center, where the event will take place, holds almost 8,000 people and it's sure to be an overflow crowd as usual.

The Democrat mayor of Wildwood says it's good for business on a normally quiet off season for the bustling seaside resort. I love Wildwood and have since I was a kid, but you wouldn't catch me within five miles of the place on Jan. 28. Not because I don't love the job Trump is doing, I just hate big crowds and long lines. But that doesn't seem to deter thousands of enthusiastic crowds from showing up, even in a blue state like New Jersey.

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