We hear about so many guns being confiscated at Newark Liberty International Airport it's nice to see it happens elsewhere too. This time it was Philadelphia.

On Friday the TSA says it found a 9mm handgun in a New Jersey man's carry-on bag. Authorities say he also had 14 bullets. He was arrested on weapons charges and could face a fine of $15,000.

So often when this happens it's a mistake. Someone brought their gun to a range and then totally forgot it was left in the same bag that they grab six months later for a flight. Quickly throwing in some clothes and toiletries the gun in some side pocket goes unnoticed. It's happened that way quite often at Newark Airport.

Speaking of Newark, their TSA agents are legendary jerks. They've been known to come off like corrections officers bellowing out orders and being short in patience.

Then there's the occasional smartass.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Once going through Newark's security with my very young kids I had packed a small amount of food for them for the flight. No drinks. I knew that wasn't allowed. But things like crackers and apples.

Well, one of the things I packed was a small jar of peanut butter. It was still sealed and with the Jiff label fully visible. But they flagged it.

"What's THIS!?"

Did I really need to mansplain a sealed jar of Jiff peanut butter?

"It's peanut butter."

"This can't go! No gel or liquid over 3.4 ounces!"

"It's peanut butter?"

"No, it's a gel!"

We had an interesting conversation about how even peanut butter is considered a "gel," which I didn't know and that maybe it wasn't really peanut butter but some diabolical chemical for me to use to fashion into a bomb once on board.

Peanut Butter (with Path)
Robyn Mackenzie

But then he said, "What's it for?"

I explained it's for the kids in case they got hungry on the flight. Now he had already seen my medical kit with my insulin and glucose meter so he knew I was a Type 1 diabetic and he said, "Too bad. Can't go on. Now if you had said it was for an emergency in case your blood sugar dropped I could allow it."

I pointed out that yes it could be used for that as well as for a snack for the kids.

The pompous ass replied, "Yeah but you already said kids first so I don't have to let you keep it."

He confiscated it. And I even pointed out to him that he was saying this could be fake peanut butter secretly an explosive but that if a person just lied and said it was for hypoglycemia that he would let the very same thing go on the plane. He wasn't impressed with the irony.

So apparently I could have brought down a 757 with Jiff reduced fat creamy peanut butter that day. Thank God they stopped me.

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