You may have seen them on “Ally McBeal” and now with the controversy going on in North Carolina, maybe the time has come for you to see them everywhere else.

I’m talking unisex bathrooms.

Governor Pat McCrory recently signed the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act into law, which forces people to use the bathroom of the sex they were born as. Since the bill discriminates against the transgender community, Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert last Sunday and the NBA has cancelled the 2017 All Star Game planned for Charlotte.

One possible solution to the problem of who goes where could be to let both sexes use the same facility, which is something married couples or those in long-term relationships have been doing for years. All you have to do is build a private stall around the urinals and toilets. People can use whatever they prefer.

Seriously, how much are you really noticing what the person to your left or right is doing? I know the rule in the men’s room is ”eyes front, mister!”

Another good thing to come out of unisex bathrooms would be that parents couldtake their child into the public rest room regardless of age.

Julia Scotti, a transgender comedian, wrote this blog regarding transgender rights in 2012, calling New Jersey one of the more progressive states in the country regarding  transgender rights. Let's prove her point by making the changes to our bathrooms.

So what do you think? Is it time that New Jersey adopts unisex bathrooms?