It was ten years ago, July 23rd, 2009, when Long Branch police got a call about an old man walking in the rain, peering through the windows of a vacant house. The officer who responded, Kristie Buble, approached the man and he identified himself as Bob Dylan.

The officer, in an interview with Esquire said she didn’t think he was telling the truth. She thought he was a crazy old man! She continued to press him, asking him what his real name was, and he told her his real name: Robert Zimmerman. When she asked where he lived, he said he had homes around the world and didn’t live in just one place. She thought he was actually homeless.

Officer Buble challenged him on where he was staying and he told her that he was staying at a hotel near the ocean. She drove him to the right hotel, but even after seeing the tour buses she still thought he was delusional. It wasn’t until Dylan’s tour manager came running off the bus that Officer Buble finally realized that the old man wearing sweat pants walking around in the rain was, indeed, Bob Dylan.

She told Esquire that Dylan had been friendly and talkative, but his tour manager was a lot less pleasant. Once the manager verified that it was Dylan, the cops went on their way. Dylan performed that night with Willie Nelson at First Energy Park in Lakewood.

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