Some people in New Jersey are horn happy, you know the type. The ones who drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the horn, just in case they feel the need to honk at someone or something.

Whether it’s to prevent danger or just to vent their anger, some people just can’t help themselves.

Many situations came to light today when we were discussing horn honking on the air.

We asked what is the proper etiquette for honking your horn? When is it OK and when is it not OK?

Under what circumstances should you try to refrain from honking, even though everything in your gut is willing you to do so?

We learned a lot. In light of this, I have decided to compile a list of rules for automobile horn honking. I give you.....

The Ten Commandments of honking your car horn:

Commandment 1:

Someone’s allowed a two second grace period at a green light before you honk. I get it, you’re in a hurry. The light has barely changed. Give me a second to accelerate. I’m not talking about 30 seconds to finish a text... I’m talking about two seconds.

Commandment 2:

The guy who is second in line behind a lazy driver who’s holding everyone up is responsible for honking. Don’t leave it to the sixth guy in line to do your dirty work.

Commandment 3:

No one should ever reach over to the driver's side to honk the horn. Only a driver should be allowed to decide when and if to honk. I’m driving. It’s my wheel, and therefore my horn. Even if I’m in your car and you’re in the passenger seat, stay in your own personal space.

Commandment 4:

If you’re parked and trying to get someone’s attention, unless someone is in grave danger, don’t honk the horn if he or she is less than 20 feet away from the front of your car. That’s aggressive. And freakin painful.

Commandment 5:

If you’re honking someone outside their home to alert them that you’re there to pick them up, you get 2 short beeps. If the person‘s not outside within one minute, either text them or get the hell out of your car yourself to go to the door. Nothing is more annoying than a neighbor honking outside of a house multiple times.

Commandment 6:

Leaning on a horn is no more effective than honking several times. Everyone hears your horn! If they’re not moving their asses after two or three sharp honks, they’re not going to listen to a long, consistent, loud shriek of a horn. In fact, stubborn people will dig their heels in and ignore you even more diligently.

Commandment 7:

If you’re honking someone to try to move them to do something illegal or dangerous (pass someone with almost no room, dodge traffic cones, move 'em up to wait in an intersection with a left turning lane and light, etc.) you deserve to have your honk ignored. In fact, you deserve to have your car horn removed.

Commandment 8:

As much as you may be tempted when someone is doing the speed limit in the left lane and you want to go faster... you don’t honk at someone to get them to move from the left lane into the right so you can pass. That’s what your high beams are for.

Commandment 9:

No honking outside of homes after midnight in any neighborhood. Period.

Commandment 10:

Two short beeps is a reminder. A five second beep is a challenge. A ten second beep is a threat.

Opinions expressed in the post above are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco only.

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