Am I the only one who doesn't celebrate so-called "Hallmark" holidays? Even on the big holidays, we do it a bit differently than most.

Siora Photography via Unsplash
Siora Photography via Unsplash

For my wife Jodi and I, we decided a few years ago that we were going to focus on giving gifts on Christmas to the kids and our nieces and nephews. It's been going on for about 10 years now that we haven't exchanged gifts personally.

Now, that said, we will buy each other things throughout the year when we see something that the other person would want or need.

I remember telling my friend Bill this on the set of "Chasing News" a few years ago and he was intrigued about our Christmas tradition. So intrigued that he said he went home to pitch his wife the idea. Apparently, that didn't go well. My guess is he had to up the gift budget for that year.

For Mother's Day, it's the same thing for us. The most important thing is to have downtime outside of the hectic schedule we keep that is only increasing with election season and the growth of our businesses.

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We heard some great ideas for spending time this weekend from traveling to the Formula One race in Miami to heading over to Brock Farms to pick out flowers for the garden. We had callers headed to spend an afternoon trying to get out of an "Escape Room" and some that will simply be dining out or just visiting mom.

For us, we'll be spending a quiet day at home. No events, no calls, no hassle. Thinking that I'll even spare the moms from my cooking and I'll order out and have something catered. Whatever you're doing for Mother's Day, appreciate your mom and the hard work she put in to raise you!

On a quick political side, stop saying "stay-at-home" mom and start saying "work-at-home" mom.

Any mom who stayed with the kids and managed the house, the food, the laundry, the schedule, the doctor visits, and everything in between, they were working just as hard and sometimes harder than the formal "bread-winner."

Stay tuned for my next "common sense" idea, which is a tax credit for families where the mom chooses to work at home to keep everything and everyone together. #MothersDayTaxCredit

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