There was speculation earlier this week that Michelin starred celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was going to be filming a segment for one of his shows at a restaurant in Toms River. Ramsay, who owns two restaurants in Atlantic City, was set to shoot at the White Rooster, a Cuban restaurant (owned by the mother of a classmate of my daughter).

The show is believed to be 24 Hours to Hell and Back (formerly known as Kitchen Nightmares) in which Ramsay helps a struggling restaurant regain its former glory. I will admit I watch the show and every episode follows the same formula: The restaurant’s owners (or often the offspring of the owners) contact Ramsay’s team to help whip the restaurant into shape. Ramsay visits the restaurant in disguise to eat their food, which he invariably finds sub-par. He then reveals a drastic plan to revamp the place which is met with stiff resistance by at least one of the owners.

There is an emotional showdown with yelling and crying where Ramsay threatens to leave if they don’t follow his suggestions. The owner capitulates and in 24 hours, in a “boot camp” style, the restaurant’s interior, kitchen, and menu all get overhauled. The place reopens and is met with an enthusiastic response by diners and everyone is happy. Then as an epilogue, they check in with the restaurant several months later. Usually things are still going well, but every once in a while, the owners have gone back to their old ways.

If you’re thinking you would like to be part of the episode in Toms River, you’re too late. According to, all the spots for diners have been filled. No air date has been announced.

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