It’s been a long time since the Girl Scouts espoused views like “virtue" and “womanhood." They wouldn’t be able to state things like that today, but they used to.

I laugh when I hear all the controversy about the Boy Scouts including girls into their groups for the first time. Because if you are person considering scouts for your children, that should be the least of your worries.

We all know that the Girl Scouts is a left-leaning organization which has in the past (if it doesn’t still) align itself with Planned Parenthood and other liberal causes and hold Margaret Sanger up as it’s hero.

Today, the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts is filled with ideologues, committed to upholding same sex marriage, gay and lesbian rights, abortion rights, sex education, and girl power feminism. That is why many Christian and/or conservative organizations have decided to part ways with the Girl Scouts and encourage their parishioners to enroll in other, more centered organizations.

Anytime the Girl Scouts are confronted with questions about their radical associations, they brush them off with carefully worded press releases and excuses. But anybody who wants to find the truth can. If you’re willing to look past page 2 of Google, you’ll find out what the Girl Scouts really stand for.

So whether or not boys are let into the Girl Scouts or girls are let into the Boy Scouts should not really be your concern. What should be of concern to you is whether or not the value system that is driving the organization is consistent with your family’s.

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