Clifton dentist Dr. Wayne Gangi decorates his office for the seasons. People come from miles around to check out his displays and take pictures of what he's done for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and now for Easter. Instead of using rabbits, he went for a Playboy Bunny display with mannequins dressed in sexy outfits.

This display drew lots of people. Many saw the humor, some offended and one woman who saw a TV camera crew outside the office while walking her dog, vowed to come back and take it down, which she did with garden shears. What was a tastefully done display paying tribute to Hugh Hefner, who would have celebrated his 93rd birthday on Tuesday, now looks like a crime scene out of CSI.

No matter what your views are about the display, you do not have the right to go on another person's property and vandalize it. Dr. Gangi says the woman did it for attention. He even curtsied afterwards. Seeing her on video, I'd have to agree. This woman needs to be punished for her actions. If for no other reason than to send a message to future trespassers who think it's okay to destroy someone's property for your 15 minutes of fame.

So what do you do with the bunny hacker? I would make her become the caretaker of the display, making sure the bunnies and the lawn that they stand on are properly maintained. I would also make her stand out there and greet people as they pass by and offer to take the pictures for those who want to be in them. Oh yeah, I think a donation of Easter baskets to the local homeless shelter too wouldn't be a bad idea.

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