There's an old myth about the Ravine Bridge — the "kissing bridge" — that joins Rutgers University's Douglass and Cook campuses.

If a boy from the Cook side meets a girl from the Douglass side, and they kiss, they'll be together forever. At least, that's how the story goes.

When New Jersey 101.5 and Bentley's Fine Jewelers set out to find the perfect engagement idea through our Perfect Proposal contest — promising the winner help making it happen, and a custom ring worth up to $10,000 — we were more than happy to help Vincent Kennedy test whether there's some truth behind the myth.

"She's beautiful, she's smart, she's caring, she goes out for her friends and family — she's just amazing to be around," Vincent told us.

Vincent, a Cook graduate, met Elisabet while she was attending Douglass. One one of their first dates, on a stroll around campus, they stopped at the bridge. And, Vincent says, "of course we kissed on the kissing bridge."

Kevin Sweeney of Bentley's Fine Jewelers, which sponsored New Jersey 101.5's contest and which provided the ring, loved the idea of a young man taking charge of an engagement with a romantic idea.

"We wanted to turn it around. Bring they guys back into having the story, having the emotions, having the feelings that made something the grand event it is for the first time in their adult lives," he said.

Vincent idea: Recreate several of their first dates. Go to breakfast at the same restaurant. Stroll around campus. And have Elisabet meet him on the bridge — knowing nothing more than that her thoughtful boyfriend, Vincent, thought it would be nice to revisit one of their favorite spots.

We were on hand to see what happened next.

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