Rest in Peace Peter Greco.

My friend Peter started an incredible New Jersey company, the CSI Group and was a top NJ entrepreneur for decades. Handling everything from taxes to estate planning and everything in between, tens of thousands of New Jerseyans relied on Peter and his family to guide them through challenging and booming economic times.

Peter passed away this week leaving behind his wife Sandra, four sons Joseph, John, Bobby and James, and my friend Jack Tinari who considered Peter a father after his own dad passed. Peter leaves a legacy of a strong family and a successful business. On a personal level, Peter was a friend and mentor for me over the past few years. Always stepping up to help me and my family, whether it was with my own complicated tax situation and even helping with my departure from my previous employer.

I knew that when I called Peter it would be way more than a simple business call talking numbers. We'd discuss the importance of family and building strong personal relationships as the key to any successful business. We'd also talk about food. Peter loved food. As you know, I love food. He would bring us a bottle of his homemade olive oil from his home in Italy. Wow. So good. So smooth, tasty and versatile. Great for salads, sure, but for me and my wife Jodi, we'd open the bottle, pour a little in a dish and dip whatever Italian bread we had in the kitchen.

I spoke to Peter's son, Bobby, this week and wanted to share a quick excerpt from the obituary he's writing for his dad:

There are no words to describe the true nature of this incredible man. Peter touched the lives of thousands of people. He was a leader in the truest sense of the word. He was passionate and compassionate in everything that he did, and he lived his life with this in him every step of the way.

Above all, he was the epitome of a family man. His love, generosity and compassion for his family were unmatched. The light in his eyes and in his heart seeing the growth and accomplishments of his children and grandchildren was an amazing sight. Anyone that had a chance to meet him, even briefly, knew that his family was his life. His selflessness in this regard was astonishing. His children idolized him, and his grandchildren revered him. He wasn’t just a husband; he loved his wife with every fiber of his being and cared and provided for her like no one else. He wasn’t just a father; he was a dad in every sense. He was a mentor to his children and to countless other friends, relatives, clients, business associates and acquaintances. He wasn’t just a grandfather, he was ”Nonno.” His grandchildren lit him up as he did to them.

His children were his legacy, and he lived his life each and every day with them at the top of his mind. His first thought was, what is best for his children. This selflessness earned him the love and respect of his family in good times and bad. He pushed those around him and especially his children to match and exceed his drive and offered guidance that only he could. - Robert "Bobby" Greco

Rest in peace my friend. We'll all work hard to live up to your expectations for business and family. Know that your true legacy will continue for generations.

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