It is said that he who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client. However there are many many cases in New Jersey where you can represent yourself without a problem and can save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees in the process.

There's an invaluable resource that many people don't know about called New Jersey Courts On-Line Self-Help Center. They offer services including general information about representing yourself in court, what the court can and cannot do for you, contact information, brochures, forms and kits.

The New Jersey Judiciary prepared these materials for individuals who choose to represent themselves in some legal matters (For the fancier of you, this is referred to as pro se).

Obviously this info is not always a substitute for legal advice, and sometimes you can't help having to call a lawyer, but you should absolutely consult this reference first!

People automatically assume that if they're trying to go after somebody for child support or if they are seeking a divorce or trying to evict a non-paying tenant, the first call they need to make is to an attorney. Nothing can be further than the truth.

You can do so many things without a lawyer: change your name, expunge your record, fight a tenant or landlord, and yes, divorce, without the headache and expense of an attorney. This site MUST be consulted before you step foot into court or into an attorney's office!

To visit the New Jersey Courts On-Line Self-Help Center website, click the link here.

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