When living just outside New York City, it can often feel hard to get an advance on your career from the state of New Jersey. Many universities have begun to acknowledge this, and are working towards creating more in-state opportunities for students and aspiring professionals.

Seton Hall, in particular, will be hosting its second annual cybersecurity virtual conference on October 15, and is a great opportunity for anyone interested in cybersecurity.

The conference is being held as a means to raise awareness when it comes to cybersecurity career opportunities.

Many students are unfamiliar with the number of career paths available to them or believe cybersecurity careers are unappealing. This event will be a place where students can learn about the many well-paying entry-level cybersecurity jobs that are in fact enjoyable and creative.

There will be four workshops taking place at the event, each led by cybersecurity professionals.

These workshops include:

  • Training the next generation of cybersecurity researchers
  • The cybersecurity job market: Cybersecurity employers speak about the array of jobs available and the qualities they seek in new hires
  • Keeping New Jersey Safe from cybersecurity threats
  • Diversity employment in cybersecurity: Opportunities for women and minorities

This is a great opportunity for students to ask questions to skilled and experienced professionals and discover how they can fit into the cybersecurity industry.

If you know someone or have a child interested in cybersecurity, this event will be extremely beneficial for them.

Professionals are prepared to provide students with the steps they need to take in order to onset their careers, and are more than willing to meet with them individually.

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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