That's right, inspired by the fact that I was able to stay in the ice for more than 10 minutes during the Ice Bath Challenge, I'm ready for the next physical challenge. This time it's a water fast designed for a metabolism reset and to cleanse my body and digestive tract.

Speaking to my friend Jongarrett, who is an Osteopath, I decided to try the cleanse. His advice was to wait until the end of winter because viruses flourish this time of year and tend to go a little quiet in the Spring. Funny, that's exactly what happened with COVID, go figure. So I plan to start the fast process in late February.

The plan is simple, two and a half days consuming nothing but bone broth and water followed by three days of water only. The bone broth is key. Many people mistakenly think that you are healthiest making it on your own, but with the antibiotics and feed that's put into some animals, the bones are not ideal for the healthiest fast. So I took some good advice and bought a brand recommended to me, Brodo bone broth.

Here's the best part, my wife Jodi and I decided to try it out as a replacement for lunch the other day and it was delicious. At the risk of my friends further mocking me, I have to admit, it was best with the addition of some pink Himalayan pink salt.

The plan is to start on a Sunday replacing dinner with broth and then every meal through Tuesday evening. Tuesday night, a couple of glasses of saltwater before bed and I'll be ready for the cleanse. Water only Wednesday through Friday. The idea is not to focus on weight loss but focus on cleaning my digestive system. My friend swears by it and does it once every year. For me, it's actually more about the challenge! Think I'll make it without a snack?

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