As I've been discussing for many months, the best defense against all of the ailments that plague humanity, including coronavirus, is a healthy body. Looking at the CDC numbers, it's clear that older, unhealthy people are the real risk group for COVID. 94% of all of the deaths "with COVID" had an average of 2-3 comorbidities. It's clear to anyone paying attention that healthy people with working immune systems will be just fine if they get COVID.

We already know that more than half the nation had a natural immunity when this started. Beyond that, with more that 200 million Americans having had coronavirus, it's obvious that our natural disease fighting ability is our best defense. Even if you get sick, there are simple solutions including Ivermectin that should get you back on your feet quickly. Hydroxychloroquine is another one that could keep you out of the hospital. But there is no replacement for your own immune system, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Since I started practicing hot yoga 5-6 times a week, I have not had so much as a cold in the past three years. That said, I'm always in search of ways to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially now that we're ramping up our event schedule as the world gets back to normal. I never eat before a performance so it was actually easy to start intermittent fasting. I started in earnest on Sunday, forgoing any food between 9pm and 1pm then eating a light lunch and a normal dinner. As I write this, I'm on the fourth full day and I feel great. Of course before jumping in I did a lot of research and concluded from the docs that weighed in on the idea, the 16 hours off/8 hours on was the best way to proceed.

The bottom line is I love to eat so I am not looking to start a traditional diet and my goal is not weight loss anyway. But eating my normal foods and limiting consumption to 8 hours is actually easy given my schedule and I don't have to think about it. Although I did put a recurring appointment in my gmail calendar to make sure I stick to it! Is this an idea you'd try?

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