Fasting is a disaster for your body. Don’t do it. Don’t get sucked into the popular culture idea pushed by the Hollywood and Silicon Valley elite. There’s a word for starving yourself, it’s called an eating disorder. And it’s serious stuff.

Jay Black, in an effort to get healthy, picked up an idea to fast for 36 to 73 hours. Jay, who is now several years sober, also thought he might get a feeling akin to a ‘high’ after a few days of not eating. Oh boy.

I can report to you that it did not work. And the worst part? Jay did actually lose ten pounds, half of that loss was muscle mass.

The old story goes that if you starve yourself, your body will begin to consume muscle mass to survive. It’s not just a myth.

Check out the conversation between me, Jay and Jessica about Jay’s fast and why he’s warning you, Just don’t do it.

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