Think your Halloween costume is unique? The wily folks at came up with a way to determine the most popular costume is in each state (not to mention a way to get us to say

They checked last year's hottest costumes on Google and trending costumes for 2019 to make a projection of the most popular for each state. So what's New Jersey's? Duh-duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh-duh BATMAN! Yep, the caped crusader is suppose to be this year's hottest Halloween costume in the Garden State.

Makes no sense to me. There's no Batman movie out that I'm aware of. Endgame was the big superhero movie this year. How does Batman end up being so wildly popular?

The other states where Batman was the most popular? Illinois, Kansas, Michigan and Oklahoma.

In fact superheroes and villains are the 'in' thing right now with 43% of states choosing those as costumes. The average money put into a costume? $86.27. How much is America spending on Halloween overall? A whopping $8.8 billion. No doubt about it, Halloween is good for the economy.

So what's the most popular costume in each state? Here's the full list. Ask yourself if you believe any of this is true. Chucky the evil doll number one in Texas? Yeah, that's timely. (Note: New Jersey 101.5 earns revenue if you purchase any of these costumes using the Amazon links provided below)

Alabama: Cheerleader

Alaska: Bear

Arizona: 1980s

Arkansas: Superhero

California: Witch

Colorado: 1980s

Connecticut: Mouse

Delaware: Black Panther

District of Columbia: Black Panther

Florida: Angel

Georgia: Black Panther

Hawaii: Mermaid

Idaho: The Incredibles

Illinois: Batman

Indiana: Fortnite

Iowa: Fortnite

Kansas: Batman

Kentucky: Fortnite

Louisiana: Cheerleader

Maine: Pumpkin

Maryland: Black Panther

Massachusetts: Mouse

Michigan: Batman

Minnesota: 1980s

Mississippi: Cheerleader

Missouri: 1980s

Montana: 1980s

Nebraska: Fortnite

Nevada: Clown

New Hampshire: 1980s

New Jersey: Batman

New Mexico: Wonder Woman

New York: Mouse

North Carolina: Pirate

North Dakota: 1980s

Ohio: 1980s

Oklahoma: Batman

Oregon: 1980s

Pennsylvania: Mouse

Rhode Island: Superhero

South Carolina: Black Panther

South Dakota: Ninja

Tennessee: 1980s

Texas: Chucky

Utah: Spider-Man

Vermont: Fairy

Virginia: Black Panther

Washington: Rabbit

West Virginia: Fortnite

Wisconsin: Ninja

Wyoming: Dinosaur

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