We all have our kryptonite. The one thing that we just cannot be strong enough to take. When it comes to critters getting inside your home, there's not a bug in the world that freaks me out. I can kill spiders and stink bugs and cave crickets bare-handed. (Yes I wash my hands afterwards!) I have dealt with squirrels and chipmunks inside walls. I've dealt with mice and roaches in my life. A possum once tried to invade my basement and got stuck in the window well and I had fun dealing with that.

But if there's one thing I would not be able to even spend the night knowing it was in my home, it's a rat. Disease carrying, wire chewing, disgusting rats. We've all heard the stories of babies toes being chewed off in the night by a super-sized city rat. The thought of these horrible creatures makes me shudder. I swear if even one were to be seen in my house I seriously don't think I could spend the night there until the problem was rectified. To put a family of 6 in a hotel is crazy expensive but I think I'd have no choice.

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Why am I even bringing this up? Because I was driving in Flemington today and I was behind the truck in the picture. The company is Wildlife Control Specialist LLC (I saw it on the side). The advertising really caught my eye with those hanging bats. Even that I could deal with, though I wouldn't want to. Then I noticed the license plate and the other graphics about skunks. Turns out they deal with anything that can invade your home. I made a mental note, because I swear to you if a rat ever takes up residence I will flee like a screaming schoolgirl in the night.

So just for fun I decided to ask, what would be your kryptonite critter? The animal above all others that would freak you out the most if it were inside your home? Take our poll. Now obviously a live, hungry tiger might top the list, but I'm making this a realistic list of animals that do tend to invade people's houses.

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