Call it a case of life imitating art.

With the sequel Coming 2 America out on Prime Video, the timing of this pop-up restaurant is perfect marketing. In the original Coming to America, Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, and Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall, get jobs at a fast food joint called McDowell's. Those sure looked like golden arches. But the proprietor, played by John Amos, insisted it was not a copycat and not an infringement suit. Riiiiight.

So as has happened before when Kevin Smith did a pop-up restaurant of Mooby's, the burger joint in his films, it's happening again in New Jersey. A temporary, real-life McDowell's is coming to New Jersey. Cherry Hill Mall will play host to the pop-up next month for a little over a week. The website to secure tickets says they'll be operating from April 16 through April 26.

If you can't remember all the similarities between McDowell's and McDonald's, here's a clip where John Amos is denying all of it.

On the menu next month? Yes, the Big Mick, and with NO seeds on that bun. Chicken chunks not nuggets, thank you. And lots more. Of course this is more than just the food. It's the experience. So there will be photo ops, displays and merchandise. Their website shows most tickets will come with a $5.00 processing fee. Go light with a kid's meal for only $10. Or a regular adult meal MickTicket will be $23 for which you get a sandwich, fries and a drink. The VIP MickTicket includes all that but also a McDowell's t-shirt. That package is $43. Then there's the Sexual Chocolate Cake Shake. I'll just let you look that one up for yourself.

This is worth it for the goofy factor alone. Also imagine the fun you can have 30 years from now watching the movie with your grandkids and telling them you once ate at that restaurant and that it was a real place. Sort of.

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