The most misspelled word in each state has been revealed. So what word is the one we've been butchering the most in the Garden State?

If you though the most misspelled word in New Jersey in 2018 was, well, misspelled, you would be incorrect, although I did check it three times when I was typing this. It turns out our most incorrectly spelled word in New Jersey is a bit of a surprise.

It isn't beautiful, or pneumonia, or tomorrow like it is in many other states. Our most misspelled word in New Jersey according to Google Trends is resume, as reported at Insider. You know, the thing you give to a potential employer.

That's not that bad. Back in 2017, according to Mental Floss, New Jersey's most misspelled word was twelve. Yes twelve.

Am I missing something here? How else can you spell twelve, except the right way? I had to check the spelling of ten words while putting this article together. Twelve was not among them. Really, twelve?

I'm not trying to crown myself a spelling champion (although I did come in second place at my school spelling bee in 5th grade), and I probably spelled something wrong in this article, but aren't you happier with this year's resume? At least it has three syllable.

So, what will our top word be for 2019? Who knows? We still have a good seven weeks of bad spelling to go. We'll let you know as soon as it becomes official for this yaer. Yes, I did that on perpose.

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