As we sit in the middle of this insane New Jersey heat wave, you hear the phrase over and over that it's "hot as hell" here. Some would say it's like a living hell. In fact, some would compare living in New Jersey to literally living in hell.

Let's just focus on the heat, though, shall we? I ask you: What's the difference between New Jersey heat, and Hell?

Giulio Poli:
"Jersey you can leave, hell you're stuck"

John Riebel:
"You could just ask New Jersey and Hell"

photo: Getty Images
photo: Getty Images

Glenn Summers:
"NJ has Phil Murphy"

Dennis Hannan:

photo via Google Maps
Bellmawr Curaleaf via Google Maps

Matt Heavens:
"Heavens (literally) knows. NJ has dispensaries to help you cope."

Henry Kaden:
"Hell doesn't have the Shore!"

Joan Gerberding:
"The pizza's better!"

Gino Formaroli:
"Hell is a dry heat... Jersey heat is like getting hit in the face with a wet heated sponge in the face when you walk out the door..."

Andrew Satkowski:
"Taxes in Hell are much cheaper so it's not as bad."

photo: Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media
photo: Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media

Abbe Nelson:
"The pizza"

Adam Oliensis:
"In Jersey, you ask, "what exit?" In exit."

Neil Nelson:
"Hell is a dry heat"

Andy Rehorn:
"In hell, there are no tolls..."

GSP photo: EZPass
GSP photo: EZPass

Teddy Maturo:
"Hell [is New Jersey] sans E-Zpass"

Al Smith:
"Hell smells better"

Jay El Payaso Watkins:
"Humidity. Hell is one temperature. Jersey humidity is 86 with but feels like 113"

photo: MarianVejcik
photo: MarianVejcik

Amy J. Wendowski:
"I moved in 2019 now live in Texas. Would love to be at the Jersey Shore.. want to compare humidity? We haven't been below a hundred since mid-June.... That's just the temperature with the humidity probably a buck twenty.. and I can't get a decent cheesesteak... But I do have my iced fudge bars thanks to friends that were here last week from Philly"

Tom Krawiec:
"With Jersey, you get a side of Pork Roll. (And no to everyone north of Trenton it is not called Taylor Ham, it's friggin' Pork Roll)"

Chipps Cooney:
"The spelling"

photo: Audrey Scripp/Getty Images
photo: Audrey Scripp/Getty Images

Jonathan Newman:
"The ocean"

Chris Eppolito:
"Hell is run by the devil ... New Jersey is run by someone worse."

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