With summer, everyone thinks of taking their kids to the beach. That's a given. In fact we're taking the kids to Seaside Heights this weekend. However on the other side of the state along the Delaware River is a gem of a place called the Adventure Aquarium. Maybe you've never been, or maybe it's been years since you took the trip.

Aubree and I took Jack, Mina, and Atticus here not long ago and it was a blast. They have the shark tunnel which has been there for years where sharks swim all around you and right over your head. But they have something new. A shark bridge, made of ropes, that allows you to literally walk right over an open air giant shark tank. (Don't worry, it's safe, but the kids feel like it's more daring than it really is.) My 9 year old's heart was racing when she was done.

It's easy to get to on the Camden waterfront.

They have plenty of exhibits, a huge cafeteria with food that's surprisingly good for a touristy place (that was my son's assessment), and an awesome gift shop so be ready to be sucked in when you're leaving. The kids will definitely want something.

I'm offering just a few pics. These aren't the greatest quality because aquariums are notoriously dark places plus when taking them I wasn't thinking of sharing them on the website; it was kind of an afterthought. But it will give you an idea of this amazing Jersey place.