As the snow flies this weekend...and New Jersey 101.5 remembers Glenn Frey...

I got to thinking that, sadly, I never saw Glenn Frey in concert...

So, now, I will never be able to see the Eagles in concert. At least, not with the total, "classic" lineup.

When Glenn Frey was "hot" in the mid-to-late 80's, I must have passed on the chance to see him in concert...I can't imagine not having the chance to pick up some tickets...Oops!

In the mid-90's, when I was working in Philly, and the Eagles reunited, and "Hell Froze Over," I can't remember if I was working on concert night, or tickets were just too "pricey."

So...the closest I ever got to seeing the Eagles live, was Don Henley in concert at the Spectrum (in Philly), in 1990.

"The End Of The Innocence Tour."


He sang all the hits from the new album..."The End Of The Innocence," "The Last Worthless Evening," and "New York Minute."

I went back, checking online song lists, and can clearly remember all of us assembled fans enjoying earlier hits including "Dirty Laundry" and "The Boys Of Summer." Plus, some Eagles hits: "Hotel California" (of course), "Life In The Fast Lane" and "Desperado."

Good stuff!

But, about three quarters of the way through the night...things got a little...well...weird.

Something I had never experienced in a concert before, happened!

All of a sudden, Henley asked for the house lights to be brought up.

He 'stepped right up to the microphone' (to quote a "Dire Straits" song), and said; "I want to talk to you about something that's very important to me."

A bit of a groan went, like a wave, thru the Spectrum...

And, Don Henley spent about 10 minutes (maybe more) talking about "The Walden Woods Project," a non-profit group that he had just founded. Its dedicated to protecting the historic woods in Massachusetts, where author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau first championed the concept of land conservation (click here for more).

Flash Forward...

"Walden Woods Project" has been going strong for the last 25 years....and since then, many rock singers have stopped the music to champion causes.

Isn't that where the oft-used phrase "Shut up and sing" comes from?

Nope...I never saw Glenn Frey in concert...

But, recently, I was watching my "Miami Vice" box sets (seasons 1 and 2)...and there he was, on my TV screen...looking...vibrant!

R.I.P Glenn Frey.

Thanks for the music!


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