It never occurred to most of us at the radio station that some people have a very strange habit in bed. The subject came up from an article in the Wall Street Journal about millennials ditching the top sheet.

There's apparently a generational divide over using the top sheet in bed.


Some people don't use the top sheet? It seems that many people under 40 do not use the top sheet in the bedding set. Some say they store it in a closet until they need to use it for a painting project. This is something that NEVER would have crossed my mind.

Winter clothing background

We asked our listeners and plenty of people over 40 don't use the top sheet, opting to just use the comforter. That's like putting on your pants without wearing underwear.

Most people change their sheets once a week. People don't usually wash their comforters that often so it kinda seems a little less sanitary.

No judgment here, but really?!?!?! It seems to be more common among millennials and Gen Z folks, but we were a little surprised by the number of boomers that do the same thing. It's been the subject of conversation on Redditt, which is mostly millennials.

There have even been surveys done about this. It turns out that most Americans DO use the top sheet on a regular basis. Our listeners responding on the app chat during the show preferred using it by about a 2 - 1 ratio.

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