You simply cannot drive through New Jersey without passing a fudge shop.

While I rarely stop on the side of the road to grab some, I cannot say the same about summers at the shore. A trip to the boardwalk is not complete without a giant block of fudge that’s, of course, warm and fresh out of the fudge oven.

So why is fudge so popular in Jersey? Many people believe the craving is a result of the salty air, which makes people want something sweet, but not too sweet, leading them to indulging in a good old piece of fudge.

In terms of the way fudge is made, it really hasn’t changed at all since it first became popular several hundred years ago. Because of this, many people get a sense of nostalgia when eating fudge, and also have a greater sense of appreciation for it because it is so traditional.

This is also why you cannot just get fudge anywhere. You have to stick with the classics.

One of the most famous places to get fudge at the Jersey Shore is Stutz, which has been around for five generations. They make their fudge in house, and have over 10 flavors to choose from. They have your classics such as plain fudge, and vanilla fudge, but they also have walnut, M&Ms and other unique flavors.

Stutz takes their fudge very seriously and while they try to spice up their flavors, if they can’t be made traditionally, they cannot be a flavor.

Next time you are on the boardwalk you must grab a piece of fudge if you haven’t before. There’s no doubt you’ll understand why people love it so much.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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