Haven't been to Wildwood lately? Why not? It's one of the best beaches and family getaway spots anywhere.

It's a bit of a blast from the past with the boardwalk looking like a freeze-frame in time back to simpler times.

Wildwood tram car
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I love it. Classic place, from "watch the tram car, please" to the midway where you can win an oversized stuffed animal that you don't want and definitely don't need, but you'll eagerly spend dollars to get the ring on the neck of that bottle!

One of the best things about visiting Wildwood, whether you're staying for the weekend or if it's a day trip to the huge beach, is a trip to the boardwalk. And when you're there, ya gotta eat.

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For me, I'm all in when I'm at the shore. Forget the steady diet of lean protein that keeps me running throughout my 18-20 hour day!

If I'm gonna take a food break it's either cheesesteaks or pizza.

In Wildwood, it's definitely pizza. And there's only one for me, Mack's Pizza.

It's so good in fact that they have two stores open on the boardwalk.

They talk about the pepperoni pizza, the white pie, and everything in between. But take it from me, the best pie is the plain pizza. The right amount of sauce, sweetness, and saltiness combined with the perfect grease, not too much, but just enough. So good. hot, delicious, filling.

So enjoy a trip to the beach. take a swim, body surf, catch up on sleep, and then enjoy an awesome, Jersey original Mack's Pizza.

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