What’s better than knowing Cinco De Mayo is coming up very soon? Knowing that National Burrito Day is April 6! It’s basically a pre-game for Cinco De Mayo.

With New Jersey having such a diverse food culture, you might want to start thinking about where you’re going to get the best burrito on that day since there’s a lot to sift through.

Two halves of a burrito
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Thanks to Yelp, the work was done for us.

They named the best burrito in every state and believe it or not, New Jersey’s best is not found at a Mexican restaurant.

You can get a traditional burrito with rice, beans, meat, and cheese anywhere but some places take it up a notch and create different flavors inside their burritos.

Before we get to the place you get the best burrito in New Jersey, let’s see how the surrounding states compare.

New York: Taqueria Tlaxcalli in the Bronx

Pennsylvania: Cucina Zapata in Philadelphia

Delaware: El Diablo Burritos in Wilmington

Although those would all make a great road trip, you will want to stop at Bollywood Grill in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey for the best burrito in the state.

Yelp calls it Indian fast food which is not what you expect when you think about a burrito, but they have a few options on their menu: chicken tikka burrito, paneer tikka burrito, falafel fusion burrito, and the ultimate chicken burrito.

So get ready to venture to the Parsippany area on April 6 for National Burrito Day.

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