In anticipation of NJ 101.5's Inaugural Chili Bowl with Dennis Malloy, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of beers that are best paired with chili. 

After some research, we've found that amber lager and dry stouts are both great matches for chili. Both beers pair well with the heat of the chili, and often these beer are included in the recipes of the chili. Here are a list of 5 beers that are great when paired with chili.


    Negra Modelo

    Negra Modelo is a sweet, dark Amber Ale that is one of the more popular beers to use in chili recipes.


    Deschutes Jubelale

    This dark seasonal ale is has notes of spice and fruit in flavor that is sure to compliment any chili dish.

  • Dos Equis Ambar, Screenshot

    Dos Equis Ambar

    Dos Equis Ambar is another popular beer to pair with chili. Ambar is Dos Equis' Vienna-style lager that is full of flavor.

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    This smooth, dark, Irish beer is a must pair with chili. The smoothness of the beer will match well with the spiciness of chili.


    River Horse Special Ale

    River Horse Special Ale is an excellent match for chili - it's delicious chocolate and caramel notes make up this amber ale. And it's brewed right out of New Jersey, so you can show off a little Garden State Pride while enjoying it.

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    Samuel Adams

    Sam Adams is a popular beer that pairs very well with chili. They carry a variety of dark and light brews that are ideal for pairing with chili.