Beatlemania was in full force in August of 1964. This was almost exactly a year away from their triumphant Shea Stadium performance, and in April their songs held 12 of the Hot 100, including all of the top five.

On August 30, 1964, they played Atlantic City in front of eighteen thousand adoring fans at Convention Hall. According to the book On This Day in New Jersey History, the Fab Four were ferried from New York city via helicopter to Bader Field. They stayed at the Lafayette Motor Inn where they took up the entire seventh floor.

According to the book, they were paid $25,000 for the performance. They had performed on The Ed Sullivan Show earlier that year to one of the largest television audiences in television history. It was in 1964 that the Beatles really broke out in the US, with their film A Hard Days Night being released earlier in August.

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