The battle is on. Senator Ray Lesniak is fighting hard and believes he's got the law on his side. We've called the spending of $300 million dollars toward a renovation project irresponsible at best.

At worst...corruption using the hashtag #Renogate. Senator Lesniak joined the show today, to explain just how he can put a stop to the $300 million boondoggle. The design contract itself with the company doing the work was increased by 20% which is unheard of. We are far away from any kind of lawsuit to stop this, Lesniak says. The next step to go forward, the Statehouse Commission and the Space Utilization Committee have to approve it. Lesniak has sent both commissions letters, urging not to approve the contract.

You can listen to the entire interview with Sen. Lesniak in the YouTube clip below.

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